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The Gap Theory (also known as "Reconstructive Creation")

Before you are led astray, I'll let you know that there is no scriptural evidence to support this theory. It is contrary to the fossil record. It omits the humans, insects, mammals, and fish that are also found fossilized with the dinosaurs.

This theory tries to reconcile the long geologic eras of Evolutionary thought into the days of Genesis. Those who support this theory say that there was a "gap" of millions of years between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.

They claim that this is where Lucifer fell from heaven, and God judged Lucifer and the dinosaurs living on the earth destroying them both. Then allegedly God took 6 days to fix the world back.

Some people take this verse to mean that when God says that the earth was "without form, and void" he was talking about some type of judgment on a previous race of creatures. They believe that this judgment left the earth in this wrecked condition.

The problem is, there is no scriptural basis for this argument.

Had this been what God intended the verse to say, it would be far more clear. And there would be dozens of other references to it in scripture.

Many believe that the "Gap Theory" would tend to make God appear as a bit of a slob, unable to clean up his mess after destroying a previous world.

Why would God leave us a dirty (death and fossil filled) world to live in? You would not knock down a building leaving the debris there, and build another building on top of the trash. But this is exactly what those who believe in the gap theory claim God did.

At the end of the Creation week, God said that his Creation was "very good". Now why in the world would God call it "very good" if there were millions of fossils of dead animals laying around?

The Bible speaks of the bones and bodies of the dead as being "unclean". (Numbers 5:2 "defiled by the dead" / Leviticus 21:11 / Leviticus 22:4 "whoso toucheth any thing that is unclean by the dead" and about 30 other places in the Bible say that bones are unclean) .

If we are made unclean by touching or going near the bodies of the deceased, then how can God call the world "perfect" in Genesis chapter 1 if the very world he had made was corrupted by dead dinosaurs, mammals and humans? The answer is, it wasn't. Nothing died before Adam sinned (Genesis chapter 3).

If there were tons of bones lying around then this would not coincide with a perfect creation. It is clear from scripture that these animals died sometime later.

Since the most obvious literal interpretation of Genesis would suggest that there never was an earth before we got here , then the for the Gap theory to be true, then you would have to believe that God is unable to say what he means. Since God tells us plainly that all land animals were made on day 6, along with man, then it is obvious that dinosaurs lived with man, not millions of years before.

If there was a previous world before ours then surely God would make many references to its judgment in scripture. Yet none are found. If there was a world here before ours, then Jesus would have told us about it. It would be foolish not to, we would find out anyway in our excavations. God knows better than to let us try to reconstruct the past based on what we find (fossils etc). Because natural man does not come up with supernatural (Bible based) ideas of earths history on his own. We would come up with our own story of what we thought happened, and this may lead us away from God. So God did tell us what happened. He told us there was a flood in the days of Noah, and we can see that the fossils we find are a result of that flood.

Those who believe in the gap theory say that Lucifer was judged prior to the creation of the earth. But this is also not true.

If Lucifer/ Satan were running around causing havoc before man was created, then surely God would not say at the end of each day that He looked upon all He saw, and behold, it was "very good".

Satan became jealous of God, and the position of authority over the earth that God had given Adam. We are not told how many years after man was created, that Lucifer sinned. We do know that it was after the 6th day when the Garden of Eden was Created, for in Ezekiel 28:13 we are told that Lucifer was "in the garden of Eden" and he was perfect in the day that he was Created.

Lucifer still had not sinned after this, for on the seventh day God once again says that His Creation was "very good".

We cannot put a year on Lucifer’s rebellion against God. We can only make an educated guess. Lucifer sinned after the 7th day, but before Adam and Eve were able to conceive a child. Their 3'rd child of Adam and Eve that is mentioned by name is Set. Adam and Eve likely had other children both before and after Seth was born.

Seth was born when Adam was 130. We are not told their age when Cain and Abel were born. But the fall of Lucifer and the fall of man were in-between this time (after the Creation was complete, but before Eve had children).

Many who support the Gap Theory say that in Genesis 1:28, God told Adam to "replenish" the earth. They claim that this meant that Adam was to refill the world that had become empty and void of life due to some form of judgment from God.

But this argument is in error. For the Hebrew word "male" which was translated "replenish" in 1611 does not mean "to fill again". In 1611 the word replenish simply meant "to fill" (as in the First time). Many of the words we use today once had other meanings.

The Bible clearly teaches that there was no death of man or animals before sin. The Gap Theory ignores these theological boundaries imposed by scripture itself.

The words translated "in vain" in Isaiah 45:18 is the Hebrew word tohu (Morris, The Defenders Study Bible, pg 760)

Genesis 1:2 says that "the earth was without form" - that is, tohu. Isaiah 45 says that God did not "create" the earth tohu so gap theorists claim that it must have become "tohu" by some sort of cataclysm. If such judgment existed, Christ would have referenced it dozens of times, instead he refers only to the flood of Noah. A flood which adequately explains the presence, and formation of sedimentary rock.

If the reason for accepting the gap theory, is to allow one to believe in the bible, and still hold to the alleged millions of years of the geologic column, then gap theorists fail to realize that this imaginary cataclysm would have destroyed and rearranged the very layers of rock they use the gap theory to explain in the first place.

The only reason silly theories like these exist in the first place is because many Christians do not know how dinosaurs fit in with Biblical history, so they try to cram millions of years into the bible – even when the text of the bible won’t allow it. They also do this because they trust mans theories (like evolution), which often change, over the word of God which remains the same.

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